Delivery Options

We do prefer that you personally come to pick up your puppy at our farm(SEE CHANGES TO THIS DUE TO COVID ON HOMEPAGE). However if you cannot we can have your puppy flown to you. There are additional costs involved with this and prices are subject to change due to airline costs. The average of the total cost to fly a puppy anywhere is the continental United States to you is about $550.00. This cost includes the puppies flight, insurance, airline approved crate which you keep, booking charge, transportation to the airport, and airline required veterinarian health paper. A lot of people ask us “how soon can I get my puppy flown to me?”. Your puppy could fly to you in as little as 24 hours depending on our veterinarian and flights that are available. If you decide to fly the puppy you do not have to do a thing, just let us know what airport and we will take care of everything. Once the puppy is all booked we will let you know exactly when and where to meet your new friend.