Doggie Bag

To help ensure a smooth transition to your puppies new home we provide every puppy that leaves our farm with a “Doggie Bag”. This includes the following

* Large bag of their dog food Nutrena Loyall Life Chicken and Brown Rice
* A Blanket with moms scent
* A few toys
* Bag of pine shavings. We used these for your puppy to do its business on here at our farm. Just place a hand full outside in a spot you want your puppy to do its business. Your puppy will remember the scent of the pine from being with us and you can actually get your puppy to use one spot of the yard this way
* Copy of your signed Purchase Agreement
* Your puppies vaccination and worming records. Just give a copy to your veterinarian and they can continue on with your puppies care
* Puppy Care Sheet